2019 Mentor Biographies
This year we are delighted to feature talented mentors from Norway and the US.
Anders Thygesen is Danish, but has lived in Norway since 1992. 

He was trained as an outdoor guide from Telemark Høgskole, and as an arts & crafts teacher. He has been involved with the Norwegian Canoe Association since 1998 as a member of the Technical Committee for Sea Kayaking. Among other duties he has been responsible for the sea kayak instructor education programme in the Norwegian Canoe Association.

In 1996 he founded Kajakkspesialisten and has since then worked on building traditional kayaks, teaching others to build traditional kayaks and paddles and giving kayak technique courses.  He has made a number of sea kayak trips using his own skin on frame kayaks and equipment.

Anders works all over Norway, and in other countries. He collaborates with private institutions, organizations, unions, schools, clubs etc., or works independently.

Anders says of himself, "I love paddling and I love the coastal environment that Norway offers.  I love working with people and helping people perform tasks they thought of as impossible."

Be sure to check out his website  ​where you can watch two wonderful videos, one about the Greenland Paddle and one about building traditional qajaqs. 

Jannie Heegaard  ​now lives in Norway after having lived in Denmark for some time.  

She is a BCU4 leader, DKF Instructor 3 and a canoe instructor from Bø University College in Telemark, Norway. She holds a bachelor degree in sports and outdoor life and a major in pedagogy.  She was the first female instructor 3 in Denmark.  Recently she has worked to fashion symposia and work shops directed specifically toward women who want to develop their sea kayaking skills.
For several years she has immersed herself in Traditional kayaking, building several skin on frame qajaqs and Greenland paddles.  She loves to roll.

She has a unique talent for teaching in creative ways with class titles such as "Fun with the Greenland harpoon and harpoon pointing", "Fun with Greenland Paddles", "Kayak Ballet" and 
"Find your inner kayak ninja".  Her goal is to teach solid basic paddle techniques in playful ways because she feels that is when the body often learns best.
DUBSIDE  is a n internationally known authority on Greenland rolling techniques and Greenland rope gymnastics. He is easily recognizable at any event by his completely black attire and distinctive beard.  He spends a portion of each year in Greenland interfacing with Greenlanders and learning more about their culture and their kayaking skills, and no doubt teaching a bit also.  The remainder of his time he spends traveling throughout North and South America, Europe and Japan giving presentations, demonstrations and instruction for symposia, clubs and outfitters. Dubside is also the creator of the ​ qattaarneq.com  a website we highly recommend you check out.