The weekend is yours to tailor for yourself from among the wide variety of activities that will be available.
Skills classes will begin in earnest with our guest mentors on Friday afternoon and continue throughout the weekend.  Also, peer mentors will be matched with you to help with your on-water practice if you desire.  Scattered among the on-water skills classes will be demonstrations of other skills such as ropes, harpooning,  kayak building,  games and perhaps even a few competitions.
Each morning will begin with Yoga before coffee and breakfast.  (Actually there might be some coffee made in the conference center before yoga, so don't despair.)   We are lucky this year to have not one but three extraordinary yoga leaders. 
Thursday is for those who participate in pre-event activities or just want to have another day of fun on their own.  The Paddle Making Workshop with Anders will begin Thursday morning.   Those who have finishing touches to complete will continue on  Friday morning.  Others who have registered for the extended weekend may join a group paddle to explore portions of Lake Greenwood or work on rolling or strokes with peers.  Those people attending workshops or who want to arrive early must sign up for the "extended weekend package". 
Saturday evening is auction night.  Please remember that TIPS is an all volunteer event.  Proceeds from the auction are used directly to help bring in our special guests and to defray costs so that registration fees can remain low.  Popular items for the auction table are kayak related and hand crafted items.  So we urge each of you to donate new or lightly used items to the auction.  It is okay to ask a friend or your local outfitter whether they would like to send something along with you also.  If your local outfitter would like to donate an item and you let us know, we can include them on our website as a friend of TIPS.    And don't forget to bring your wallet and/or charge cards to take some of those goodies home with you.   Help insure that TIPS will continue as an annual event!

Many of us already know the virtues of the "skinny stick" -- its versatility, how easy it is on the joints and muscles, excellent lift for sculling and bracing among others.  But do we actually know what all goes into making this deceptively simple paddle? Why not find out!

The workshop will begin on Thursday morning in the pavilion down by the lake. Participants will likely finish their paddles by the end of the day. However there will be some time on Friday morning to complete those finishing touches if necessary.

Participants must bring 4 “C” clamps   (3” capacity), a spoke shave and/or block plane and a wood knife. No requisite skills are necessary, but  participants  may want to familiarize themselves with how to use a block plane and/or spoke shave.

Participants must register by 15 April so that measurements can be sent to Anders and the blanks prepared.  How to determine and a place to record those measurements can be found under the registration pull down.​

Cost for the workshop is $150.

 Contact [email protected] ​​ or 703 244 0240 for additional questions.
Greenland Paddle

​Aleutian Paddle

The following workshops can be offered depending upon expressed interest.  If one strikes your fancy contact us soonest at 703 244 0240 or  [email protected].

1.  Sewing breathable hatch covers.

2.  Sewing protective paddle covers.

3.  Application of Keel-EZ keel protection strip. 
Cost for each workshop will vary based on costs for materials.