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Traditional Inuit Paddlers of the Southeast (TIPS) is an annual kayak gathering that brings Greenland Style paddling to the Southeastern United States.
Novice through expertly skilled paddlers join together to explore, learn and teach paddling strokes and maneuvers, rolling techniques and appreciate the ingenuity of the type of equipment used for thousands of years by Greenland hunters.
19 - 21 MAY
    Save the third weekend in May 2017 for the fourth annual Traditional Paddlers Retreat to be held at the same wonderful spot along the shores of Lake Greenwood. Come add a Greenland twist to your sea kayaking skills to include strokes, rescues, rolling and even harpooning.
   The weekend will also be filled with yoga exercises for paddlers, games, friendly competitions on and off the water, information about traditional paddling and LOTS OF FUN.
    As plans progress, information will be posted to this site.  Visit often.
Christopher Crowhurst   demonstrating an efficient  forward stroke.
Dubside showing his skills on the Greenland ropes. 
We are happy to announce that our two extraordinary mentors above will be joined by Jenna Padilla from Greenland.
For fair weather use in summer (most of the time for us down south) many Greenlanders use a short sprayskirt or akuilisaq instead of a tuilik.  Less form fitting than the sprayskirts we are used to, they are a bit cooler and less restrictive while rolling.
Jane Gulden will guide you through constructing a neoprene  akuilisaq (pronounced ahh-kwee-lee-sahk) specifically designed for you and your kayak in just one day. 
Friday evening enjoy a delicious low country boil prepared by our own reknowned chefs Robert Dye and Jeff Atkins, while the rest of us  meet, greet and supervise.
Where did that seal go?
A seal skin aquilisaq
Neoprene equivalent
On land rolling demonstration
yoga for yips, yeows and yaws
While you are paddliing do certain parts of your body speak to you in terms that you would rather not hear?  Would you like to learn some tools that might help alleviate those discomforts.  Make an appointment with Debbie Seabrook, certified yoga instructor.
Put a little balance in your life!
See, I told you I could do it!